Afb0026On this page you can find links to pdf-articles about Villiers-engine data, Bosch and Miller ligthning, data for DKW mono cylinder motorbikes and Magnetos.

Information about Villiers-motoren; see: villiersstory

A parts list, see: Villiers Workshop parts list_ 98-346cc_ 1922-1940-marked2

Engine data, see: villiersenginedata

Information about Bosch- and Miller lightning;see: verlichtingBosch2 or dynamo en koplamp

Technical data about DKW SB200 and SB350; see: Dynamo-constructie-gegevens

For electrical lightning parts and dynostart of a  DKW SB200, SB350 en SB500; see: DKW-onderdelen-electrisch-Block-200b

The electrical plan of the  DKW types KS en SB mono cylinders; see: DKW-Elektrisch Schema-Block-KS-SB

Information about Lucas magnetos; see lucasmagneto


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