Invitation 2010

From 1998 on I anticipated in the Internationale Motorrad Treffen in Ibbenbüren. My father and (fondly remembered) mother anticipated for some years. This event takes place every year during Whitsunday. We used to go the week before Whitsunday to fully enjoy to see again friends and acquaintances and their motorcycles. Every year there was something new to see.

In the course of the years the event has changed a little, but it stayed mainly the same. The official arrival is on Friday on the Sportplatz which serves as a temporarily camping ground. From 12 o’clock p.m. you can fetch your registration in the big marquee and from 16.00 the T.U.V. test of the motorcycles takes place. In the evening there are Benzingespreche and a movie of last year’s event is shown.

The start takes place from 11 o’clock on Saturday morning. But first there is a Landesbegrüssung and the national colors of each participating country are hoisted under the guidance of the national hymes. Since a couple of years there is a new class without the Klassewertung. You can enter this class as a family or a group of friends if you only want to ride the route without classification for the prices. This class may start first. After that starting takes place every minute while your start time will be noted. On Saturday the lenght of the route is usually no more than 40 km. There is a coffee break before lunch time in downtown Ibbenbüren. At the arrival at lunchtime the motorcycles are introduced to the public who are gathered there in great numbers. After enjoying soup and bread you can head back to the campground.

The afternoon is often very crowded. Many people are walking by the tents, caravans and campers to see the motorcycles on display, having a conversation with the owners and taking pictures. Also, in the afternoon in the stadium, there is taking place the Gleichmachigkeitslauf. Participants have to ride several rounds at a constant speed.

In the evening there is often a great atmosphere at the campground. Participants seek each other’s company while enjoying a sip and a bite.

On sunday morning starting takes place at 10 a.m. for a ride of approximately 100 to 120 km. The time trial starts at once at the start, so it is important to start on time. The individual starting time can be found on your registration or in the big marquee. There is no coffee break schedulded, but after the time trial you can determine your own speed. The afternoon break takes place in a interesting village, town or other place every year. So have we visited the airfield of Münster, the Gartenschau in Gronau and the town Bentheim.

The afternoon break is obligatory and lasts 90 minutes. You are supposed to keep an eye on your startingtime yourself. When you arrive you will get a time on your participants card. From the afternoon break the route will take you to the Motorradmuseum in Ibbenbüren. During this ride there will be another time trial over a few kilometers. At the arrival at the museum you can buy some coffee and cake and visit the museum while the public is admiring the motorcycles. From the museum it is only a few kilometers to the stadium where you can hand over your participants card and your participants vest.

In the evening you are served an elaborate meal before awards ceremony takes place. There is often a very great atmosphere and many participants are honoured for several reasons. To get a feeling for the event you can see below a  photo compilation over the years.

The local newspaper is giving a lot of attention to the Internationale Motorrad Treffen in Ibbenbüren. The article is dated 11 mei 2016 while the photo is  taken at the start in 2014.

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