Monet Goyon Automouche


For a while we had been looking for a tricycle because it became more and more difficult for my dad to ride his two-wheeler. In Canada, where we had been staying for a fortnight, we saw some tricycles on the Internet. They aren’t often up for sale and those who were were sold in France or Belgium. And that stopped us from buying. Until we got a call from Belgium; a very dear friend knew where one was up for sale! We responded at once and this is why we were heading to Belgium at carnival 2010. A very friendly lady sold the Automouche under the condition that we sent her some pictures when it was restored. So that wasn’t the biggest problem.

At first sight the Automouche seemed to have to undergo some little repairs, but being busy, more and more problems revealed themselves. There upon my dad decided to take the tricycle apart and start over all the way to rebuild it. With the help of friends and acquaintances they succeeded. Because of his physical limitations he built in an electrical starter and adapted the rigid rear axle by letting run loose one wheel. It saves a lot of steering during cornering! The original second seat is replaced by a basket so you can take some stuff along the way.

For pictures of the restoration see below.

In 2011 the Automouche was ready to do it first rides.  Ibbenbüren had the scoop. The initial teething problems were removed. Look….